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?   I downloaded and installed the software but   when I try to launch the program I get the   warning message "Failed to create empty   document." What do I do?
It is likely that you are operating an older version of Internet Explorer. Our system requires 5.5 or above to operate. Use the following link to download the latest version of Internet Explorer.

?   How do I activate the built-in sounds?
From the main screen on the game, click on 'options' located in the top of the game screen. Here you can turn animation and sounds off or on.

?   What happens if I get disconnected in the middle   of a hand?
If you lose Internet connection, or have a problem with your computer, you will have at least 30 seconds to complete your turn. This time could increase, based on the number of players in the game, and whether or not it is your turn.

If a connection cannot be re-established in this time, you may be placed "all-in" . This means you will be eligible to win the pot amount at the time you became "all in." Any subsequent bets will result in a side pot.

If at the end of the hand you have the winning cards, you win the initial pot. The side pot will be awarded to the next best hand.

If you have used your all ins and you cannot reconnect in time, your hand will be folded. The all in rule only applies to real money games.

?   Why can't I log into the game?
If you are unable to log into the game, you may be operating behind a firewall that does not allow access to secure sites. An example of a secure site would be a bank where you can access your account information or credit card statement on line. Secure sites generally begin with "https" in the browser window. If you are operating behind a firewall, you need to talk to the administrator of your system about allowing you access to game.

?   When I try to log into the My Account area, I get   a blank page, or page cannot be found.
This is most likely a browser setting problem. Please do the following:

Open Internet Explorer.
Click on tools-Internet Options.
You will see in the middle area "temporary internet files" click on settings. Make sure that anything but "never" is selected. (we suggest automatically) Click OK

Go back to the Internet options popup.
Click on the tab labeled "privacy" Click on Edit
Enter www.pinuppoker.com and click allow.

?   What can I do to reduce Internet delays?
You may wish to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to find out if they are having problems or experiencing heavy traffic. They should also be able to tell you what the maximum connection speed you can have, and where on your computer you can view your "connection status." This will allow you to quickly identify if your ISP connection is affecting your connection.

The other option may be considering upgrading your modem speed. If your computer is operating on a 28.8K modem, you may want to purchase a 56K modem.

?   Are there any special requirements for my   computer in order to run the game?
The recommended minimum system requires are as follows:
PC: Windows 98/Me/2000/NT/XP
Modem: 28.8K modem connection speed
Processor: Pentium 200mHz
ound Cards: not required but makes experience more interesting
Screen Resolution: 800x600 at 16-bit color
Browser: Microsoft Explorer 5.5
Disk Space: 20MB

?   Why do I sometimes experience a   slow/interrupted connection?
There are a number of reasons you may experience this. The speed of your connection (dial-up, cable, DSL) plays a large part, although the speed of your computer plays a part as well. Delays can also occur if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is having problems or experiencing heavy traffic.

?   I have registered, downloaded the software and   validated my email. How do I log in?
After you download the game you need to install it on your system. Once the game is installed, you only need to double click on the game icon to open the game. Step 1 listed below gives exact instructions on how to install the game. Step 2 is how to open the game.
  1. If you saved the download to your desktop, you will see an icon of a computer with the setup. Some Internet services save all downloaded files in a 'download' folder. The easiest way to find the file if it is not located on your desktop is to click on Start>Find>Files or Folders and search there.

    Double click on the file and follow the instructions to install. After this is finished, a shortcut will be installed on your desktop.

    Most systems will automatically open the game after it is installed. If the game does not open, double click on the game icon on your desktop.
  2. Open the game by double clicking on the same icon on your desktop. The main page will display a welcome screen. To the left of the screen will be options of 'Play Poker/Go to Games', 'My Account', 'Create New Account', 'Customer Support', 'FAQs/Rules', 'Poker Community', 'Refer-A-Friend', and 'Mainscreen'.

    If you are ready to play, click on 'Play Poker/Go to Games' to visit our Game Lobby. Use the buttons and tabs to find the type of table you'd like to play at. Single clicking on a table will show who is playing at that table.

    Double clicking on a table will take you to that table where you can either observe or take a seat to play by clicking on an open chair and logging in with your player name and password. Remember: passwords are case sensitive.
?   What happens if I'm disconnected from the   Internet?
If you are disconnected during a hand, the software will automatically attempt to reconnect and return you to the table. If you return in time, you will find yourself in the same seat with the other players waiting for you to continue.

?   What happens if a game "freezes"?
Transactions are posted to players' accounts at the completion of every hand. If a hand does not complete, for any reason, those players' accounts are restored as they were at the beginning of the hand. All bets are off and a new hand is dealt.

?   What happens to my hand if I have a disconnect   and can't return to the game before my next   turn?
If you are unable to be reconnected in time, your hand will be folded. If you were playing at a real money table, and had money in the pot, you may be placed in our "all in protection" feature.

?   I recently changed Internet Service Providers.   How do I update my account?
Updating any of your account information, including email address, is easy. Log into 'My Account' and select 'change account information' from the menu. A scroll bar, located to the right of the screen, can be used to move up or down in the information update area. Make any necessary changes and click the 'update' button when finished.

?   The game screen is smaller than my full screen.   How do I adjust it?
In your computer, click on
Start>Settings>Control Panel
Double click on 'display' (usually shows a picture of a monitor with a ruler next to it).

You will see different tabs such as background, screen saver, settings. Click on 'settings.' You will see on the right hand side a slide bar labeled 'screen area' or something similar. Use this slide bar to change the settings.

You may need to reboot your system for the change to take effect so you will want to close out any open applications before doing this.

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