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?   What is "rake"?
Rake is the amount of the pot the house takes. For complete details on how the rake works, click here.

?   How much is the rake and how is it calculated?
The rake amount varies based on table size and number of players. There is also a 'no flop, no drop' policy which means that no rake is taken on any hand that ends before the flop. For complete details on the rake structure, click here.

?   If a table is empty, can I sit down?
Absolutely! Take a seat and wait for other players to arrive. If you use the mini-view, you can play at another table and at the same time watch for someone to join you.

?   How do I get a hand history?
Every hand dealt is given a unique number. When you are at a table you will see in the upper left corner the table name, stake level, game type and hand number. (Example: Boston $3/$6 Hold'em - playing hand #1027-13719).

When you are at a table, you can see the previous hand history by clicking on 'get hand history' that is found in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

If you want information on multiple hands, or for a game that you previously played, you can contact and request the history be emailed to you. It is very helpful if you have the exact hand number(s). If you do not have these, try to provide as much information as possible including your player name, the name of the table, the approximate time/date you were playing and the names of other players at the table.

?   What is the minimum buy-in?
The minimum buy-in is 10 times the big bet. This means you need $200 to enter the $10-20 game., $100 to enter the $5-$10 games, etc. This same holds true for spread limit and no limit games.

?   How do I chat with other players at the table?
When you are at a table, you will notice in the bottom right corner a white box. Check that the "Live Chat" is clicked on and that your cursor is in the box. Then simply start typing. After you type your message hit the enter key to have your message posted to the chat window.

?   How can I play more than one table at the same   time?
Check out our MiniView feature! When you open a table, click on 'MiniView,' located in the lower right corner of the table screen. This shrinks the table into a bar. To change it back, click on 'full table view.'

To prevent slowing a game down, players are limited to sitting and playing three tables at one time.

The MiniView is also a great way to observe multiple tables. Depending on screen size, you may be able to fit up to four MiniView tables on your monitor.

?   Can I just observe a game?
Absolutely! Just open a game by double clicking on it. You can also chat with the players at the table, but we ask that you be respectful by keeping your chat to a minimum, especially at a tournament table where players are typically very focused on the game.

?   How do I get on the wait list when a table is full?
Just click on the table you wish to be wait listed and then click 'join waiting list.' As seats become available the system will offer them to players in the order which they joined the list.

When there is an open seat for you, a message will be sent asking you to elect one of three options
  1. be taken to the table immediately
  2. be put back on the wait list
  3. remove yourself from the list.
?   What is a "game number?"
Every hand played is given a unique number. The game number, also known as the hand number, is listed at the top of the game along with the table name and stake level. This number expedites our research for players requesting hand histories or reporting a problem with a specific hand.

The hand numbers for each table are sequential. If you missed the hand number, and the next hand has already started, just note the previous number.

?   What is "all in protection"?
In the world of Internet poker, there are times when players experience a lag, freeze or disconnect while in a hand. If this happens to a player who has money in the pot at a real money table, s/he may have their investment protected with the "All-in Protection" feature.

When a player experiences a connection problem and it is their turn to take action in the game, the system waits 30 seconds for them to return. If the player's connection isn't restored within that 30 seconds, they may be considered "all-in," which would make them eligible to win the portion of the pot that existed at the time they disconnected.

If the player doesn't have money in the pot, has already used both of their all-ins in the allotted time period, or simply times out (as opposed to disconnecting), their hand will just be folded.

Every player receives a limited number of all-in protections that may be used over a specified time period. The number of all-ins available to a player is displayed in a message box when the player takes a seat at a real money table. Players may also find their current number of available all-ins by going to 'My Account'. If a player has used their all-ins, they may request to have them reset by submitting the request to [email protected]. Our support staff will reset all-ins on a case-by-case basis and notify the player if it has been done. Also, all-ins automatically reset daily.

The Cardroom manager monitors the all-in protection activity. Any player found to abuse this feature will either be denied any all-in reset requests or suspended from the game.

?   How do I select the type of poker game and   which table I want to sit at?
After you click "Play Poker/Go to Tables" you can click on buttons and tabs to find the kind of game you'd like to play. To observe a particular table, double click on the table. If you then wish to be seated at the table, click on an open seat.

?   I only wish to chat with players actively playing   at my table. Can I mute observers?
Yes. Right click anywhere on the table. This will bring up the "show observer chat" option. Click it (will remove the check mark) to mute all observer chat.

?   What stake levels are currently being offered
A variety of stake levels are offered from $0.10/$0.25 tables to $200/$400. The stake level for each table is listed in two places:
  1. After you have clicked "Play Poker/Go to Games" you will see the complete list of tables and games. The stake level for each table/game is listed in the third column from the left.
  2. When you open a particular game, the stake level is noted in the top left corner of the game window.
?   Where can I download UltimateBuddy™?
Go to UltimateBuddy.com to download and learn all about it.

?   I enjoy playing online. However, tonight another   player was being verbally abusive towards me.   What can I do?
PinupPoker is building a community that provides an enjoyable atmosphere for people who want to play (or learn to play) the game of poker. Just as abusive language and behavior is not allowed in brick-and-mortar cardrooms, UltimateBet cannot allow it at our tables. Abuse of chat can be reported by contacting . We research all reports. It is helpful if you provide the player name, table, and hand number if possible. Depending on the severity of the chat the offending player will receive a warning email, have chat temporarily suspended, or have chat permanently suspended.

?   Do you have a four color deck?
Yes. To activate the four color deck, click on "options" located on the top of the main screen of the game.

?   I enjoy table banter as much as the next guy, but   there is one player that gets under my skin. Can   I mute him?
Certainly. To mute chat from another player seated at your table, right click on his chair. You will see the option "mute chat" Click this, and you will never see this players chat again. To "unmute" right click on his chair again and click "mute chat" again. Also rememer that if the person is getting out of line and vulgar at the tables to report this to us at including the hand numbers. We will research the chat logs and address with the player.

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