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?   How do you discourage fraudulent transactions?
Our transaction processors put every transaction request through a "scrubbing" system. There are multiple variables that are reviewed and analyzed to ensure that the requested transaction is legitimate. A few examples include checking a credit card against reported stolen cards, identifying checking accounts with NSFs, and any unusual activity such as excessive transactions, or transaction attempts, within a very short period of time.

Prior to processing any withdrawal request, a review of the player's game activity is conducted to ensure there was no fraudulent activity such as 'chip dumping.' If this activity is discovered a freeze is put on the account and a deeper investigation is launched. We are proud of the systems we have in place and will continue to enhance these as new technologies become available

?   How do I know my money is safe?
We do this in a number of ways:
  • A proprietary security infrastructure is incorporated into the software, ensuring your account information is safely stored.
  • Passwords are encrypted so even staff does not know them.
  • Credit card numbers are not kept so there is no exposure to hackers fraudulently obtaining and using your credit card.
  • Our sophisticated back-end withdrawal and deposit systems ensure that only authorized players with valid transactions are able to access funds in their accounts.
  • We continually perform bank-quality audits and 100% of customer balances are maintained in liquid reserve accounts.
?   Can I obtain any information that certifies this   site is legitimate?
The Cardroom is powered by UltimateBet, which is operated by eWorld Holdings, Inc., and is licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada. You can contact eWorld directly at

eWorld Holdings, Inc.
PO Box 1710
Kahnawake, Quebec J0L 1B0 Canada

Kahnawake regulates a number of Internet gaming sites and is very committed to ensuring that the sites operate in such a way as to protect the consumer. Their integrity and concern for the consumer are just two of the reasons eWorld chose to work with them. If you have any questions or concerns regarding eWorld, or other sites regulated by Kahnawake, you may contact them directly at

Kahnawake Gaming Commission
PO Box 1799
Kahnawake, Quebec J0L 1B0 Canada


?   How can I be sure the games are fair?
We have gone to great lengths to ensure a fair game for the players on our site. Several ways we have done this include:

?   Can I transfer Play chips to another player?
Yes! To complete a transfer of play chips, please log into the 'My Account' area of the game. Click on the transfer button. You will need to know the real name of the player transferring TO in order for the transfer to be completed. Both parties will receive a confirmation email once the transfer has been completed.
  • Incorporate professional oversight
    Tournament director Jack McClelland, one of the most respected names in poker, has had an active role in establishing systems, procedures, rules and rake structures that uphold the integrity of the game to ensure a top-rate player experience. He is also responsible for resolving player disputes and for collusion detection procedures. In addition, a number of professional players have added their support to the site
  • Sophisticated Monitoring
    We have developed sophisticated management tools that allow us the highest level of fraud and collusion detection available. We monitor player IP addresses and look for suspicious play on a routine basis. We even analyze how often players sit together, and the outcomes of these situations. Close analysis automatically occurs whenever a withdrawal request is made and certainly if a player has a concern about someone else on the site.
  • Random Number Generation (RNG) and Shuffling
    When we set out to build the Cardroom; we decided to develop our own proprietary RNG and Shuffling Algorithms. We simply didn't feel that any of the systems available were good enough. We're convinced there is no other system that compares to the one being used here.

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