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?   I forgot my password. Can you help?
Passwords are permanently encrypted so even we do not know it. However, we can help in several ways: We can give you your password hint or, if that doesn’t ring any bells, we can issue a temporary password when you answer your security question. Just contact . Remember, passwords are case sensitive so you will need to enter it exactly the same every time.

?   My password won't work. Why?
Password’s are case sensitive. If you enter your password with caps-lock on, you must remember to always use capital letters when entering your password. Here’s an example. These three passwords are all considered different and must be typed in exactly the way you entered them: CHipS, chips, CHIPs

?   When registering I was asked if I wished to   receive promotional email. Does this mean I will   get email from outside sources?
Absolutely not! Personal information obtained by us, including your email address, will never be sold, traded or given away to anyone else.

By choosing to accept promotional emails from us, you will receive early notification of special events such as tournaments, jackpots and broadcasts of poker events from around the world as well as new game releases.

You can change this option at any time by logging into the My Account area of the game.

?   Can I transfer TEC (tournament entry chips)   chips to another player?
Yes! To complete a transfer of TECs, please log into the 'My Account' area of the game. Click on the 'transfer' button. You will need to know the real name of the player transferring TO in order for the transfer to be completed. Both parties will receive a confirmation email once the transfer has been completed.
Please note that while selling your TECs will be allowed, it is advisable to have both parties contact us to complete the transfers unless the other player is well known to you.

?   Where can I find my "all in" status?
The number of all-ins available is displayed in a message box when you take a seat at a real money table. You can also find this information by logging into My Account.

If you are out of all-ins, a link in Account Services will be available to request more. Our support staff resets all-ins on a case-by-case basis and notifies the player if it has been done. Also, all-ins automatically reset daily.

?   Is begging for money/play chips allowed?
Certainly not. Any player found begging others for real money, play chips or UltimatePoints will have their chat suspended, or may lose playing privileges permanently.

?   Can I purchase Play chips?
NO! The buying and selling of play chips is strictly prohibited and can result in permanent account closure.

?   When I try to log into the My Account area, I get
  a blank page, or page cannot be found.
This is most likely a browser setting problem. Please do the following:

Open Internet Explorer.
Click on tools-Internet Options.
You will see in the middle area "temporary internet files" click on settings. Make sure that anything but "never" is selected. (we suggest automatically) Click OK

Go back to the Internet options popup.
Click on the tab labeled "privacy" Click on Edit
Enter www.pinuppoker.com and click allow.

?   How do I change the email address associated   with my account?
Changing your email, or any other account information is easy. Simply open up the game and log into the 'My Account' area with your player name and password. You will be able to change your account information within these pages.

?   Can I change my player name?
It is our policy to limit player name changes as this is the only way players can identify each other in the virtual cardroom. However, some players may wish to change their player name because they accidentally used their real name or picked a name that is very similar to another player.

If you wish to change your player name, you may submit a request, along with the reason and the new name you would like to use, to

?   How do I change my password?

Just log in the "My Account" area with your player name and current password and then select “change password” from the menu. The Edit Password screen will display and then you can enter your new password and password hint. Remember passwords are case sensitive so you’ll need to enter it exactly the same every time.

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