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Mini Blind Poker Rules
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As our regular limit texas hold'em rules explain, in traditional texas hold'em games, the bets come in two sizes. For example, in "$5-$10" texas hold'em, all bets and raises before the flop and on the flop come in $5 increments, and all bets and raises on the turn and river are made in $10 increments.

If you are not familiar with conventional structure texas hold'em rules, we strongly suggest you review these by using the menu above before moving on to learn about MiniBlind™.

Because the bets on the early rounds are relatively large compared to the later rounds when you have a better idea if you are going to make a flush draw or a straight draw, many players chose to play fairly conservatively in traditional texas hold'em.

For players who like to participate in more pots and see more flops, we have developed a version of texas hold'em here at PinupPoker that we call MiniBlind™.

In MiniBlind™ texas hold'em, the betting limit doubles each round. In the first game we are offering, for example, the limits are 1-2-4-8. This means that all pre-flop bets and raises will be made in $1 increments, all bets and raises on the flop will be in $2 increments, all bets and raises on the turn will be in $4 increments, and all bets and raises after the river card has been dealt, and you know exactly how strong your own final hand is (though of course you still will not know the strength of your opponents' hands) will be in $8 increments.

As a result of this structure, you should be able to see more flops than you can in traditional limit texas hold'em games, and be able to get out of the hand at a relatively low cost should the flop not improve your hand or appear to endanger your hand. Of course, no change in the betting structure will ever remove the elements of bluffing or strategy from texas hold'em, but you should probably expect to see more "real" or strong hands shown down on the river in MiniBlind™ structure than in traditional structure texas hold'em.

You should also probably expect to see more players trying their luck with speculative drawing hands like 7-8 or flush draws, and fewer players who hold traditional texas hold'em "powerhouses" like AA or KK able to raise out players holding these speculative hands. It is quite likely you will see a very different strategy evolve in MiniBlind™ structure games than in traditional texas hold'em games.

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