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Direct Entry Satellites
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There are four ways to enter tournaments at PinupPoker.com. You can buy-in using cash or points, you can win a direct entry into a specific tournament or you can use Tournament Entry Chips.

You win a direct entry in a specific tournament by playing any of our multi-table direct entry satellite events. Each satellite awards multiple direct entries depending on the number of players who enter, the buy-in to the direct entry satellite and the buy-in to the tournament it is tied to.

Each direct-entry satellite is tied to a specific event that will occur at a later date. When you win a direct entry in one of these satellites you are winning a seat into the event that the satellite is tied to. For example, if you were to play a $5+.50 direct entry satellite tied to a $50+5 event you would be vying for a seat in that $50+5 event. If you won a seat, you would be automatically registered for the event at no further cost to you!

  Where do I Find a Schedule of Direct Entry Events?

Just look at our current multi-table tournament schedule to find out when you can enter a direct entry multi-table satellite.

  Can I Withdraw from the Event I Win a Seat in?

No. Direct Entry Satellites are tied to specific events. Make sure when you play a direct entry satellite that you are aware of which event it ties to and that you will be available to play in that particular tournament. If you win an entry into a tournament through a direct entry satellite you will not be allowed to withdraw and get a refund.

  Can I Transfer my Entry to Another Player?

No. Make sure when you play a direct entry multi-table satellite that you will be available to play in the event that it ties to. If you cannot play you will not be allowed to transfer the entry to another player.

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