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Rebuy Tournaments
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PinupPoker.com is the first online poker site to offer rebuy tournaments! Specific rules may vary based on our tournament listings, however this section provides you with the "standard" rebuy tournaments -- real money buy-in, real-money prize pool.

  Information on Rebuys

Players buy-in for the correct buy-in amount (e.g. $10+1). In this case, just like non-rebuy tournaments, $10 goes to the prize pool, and $1 goes to the house. This entitles the player to start with 1000 tournament chips. A rebuy period (normally 5 12-minute blind escalations or, the first hour of the tournament) is specified for the event. During the rebuy period, players may rebuy a fixed number of times, or unlimited times depending on how the tournament is setup (typically unlimited rebuys in the first hour). Players can pay an additional amount to rebuy (cost is the award portion of the buy-in, or in the case of the example above, $10) at any time during the rebuy period (including before the tournament starts) right up until the end of the rebuy period, provided they have 1000 or less chips. At the end of the rebuy period, eligible players (those with 1000 or less chips and have not used all of their allowed rebuys for the period) will automatically be asked if they want to rebuy. In addition, if a player goes broke during the tournament, play will stop, and the player will automatically be asked if they want to rebuy.

At the conclusion of the rebuy period, a rebuy tournament may also allow one optional add-on. The add-on is only available once, and it is only available at the end of the rebuy period. The add-on is the same cost as the rebuy. It is available to all players regardless of how many chips they currently have. It grants an additional 1000 chips to the player.

Provided players are eligible to rebuy/add-on, they may do so manually by clicking on "get chips" in the lower-right. As mentioned, players will automatically be prompted to rebuy if they go broke during the rebuy period and/or at the conclusion of the rebuy period provided they have adequate funds in their account.

100% of rebuy and add-on funds are added to the prize pool. While the number of entrants in a tournament may change the number of places that pay, the number of rebuys/add-ons does NOT influence the number of places that pay in standard rebuy tournaments. It only increases the amount that each place pays.

Information about the number of rebuys allowed, the amount of time in the rebuy period, and whether there is an add-on is posted at the top of the tournament information details page for the tournament.

  Rebuy Aruba Super Satellite Tournaments

Aruba Super Satellites with rebuys follow the same rules as standard rebuy tournaments with a couple of exceptions. First, rebuys/add-ons may influence the number of places that pay. They may in fact increase the number of Aruba trips that are awarded. For example, if 110 players sign up for an Aruba Super Satellite, the initial prize pool will award 1 Aruba trip, and 9 other places cash. However, if 11 people rebuy/add-on, the event will pay out as if 121 players signed up, awarding 2 Aruba Trips and the remainder of the cash to 3rd place. Second, players can use their Aruba Satellite Entry to rebuy. Since each Aruba Super Satellite Entry is worth $109, if it is used to rebuy, $9 cash will be credited back to the player's account.

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