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Tournament Entry Chips (TEC)
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There are four ways to enter tournaments at PinupPoker.com. You can buy-in using cash or UltimatePoints, you can win a direct entry into a specific tournament or you can use Tournament Entry Chips. Tournament Entry Chips are a special kind of currency that have a value of $100. If you want to buy-in to any of our $100+9 events or higher you can use this special currency towards the buy-in.

  What do I win when I win a Tournament Entry Chip?

When you win a Tournament Entry chip you win the chip good towards $100 in any of our $100 or higher buy-in tournaments. You also win $10 extra that goes into your account as cash to cover the fee in any tournament you play.

  How do I win Tournament Entry Chips?

There is a wide variety of ways to win Tournament Entry Chips at PinupPoker.com.

1) Sit and Go style single table satellites

PinupPoker.com offers sit and go style single table satellites to win Tournament Entry Chips located under the Satellite Tab in the lobby. Because these satellites are sit and go style there is no need to register for them! Just sit down and wait till there are enough players to fill the table and off you go! We offer 5 different types of single table satellites:

Buy-in # of Players 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
$11+1 10 TEC+$10    
$13+1 10 TEC+$10 $20  
$22+2 10 TEC+$10 TEC+$10  
$23+2 6 TEC+$10 $22  
$33+3 10 TEC+$10 TEC+$10 TEC+$10

2) Multi-table satellites

You can play a variety of multi-table satellites that award Tournament Entry Chips. Just browse our Tournament Schedule to find a satellite that suits you. We currently offer $3+0 buy-in multi-table events where you can win Tournament Entry Chips.

  How do I Buy-In to a Tournament with Tournament   Entry Chips?

You can buy in to any of our regularly scheduled tournaments that have a buy-in of $100 or more. You can also use your Tournament Entry Chips to buy-in to our Aruba Super Satellites. When you win a Tournament Entry Chip you are also awarded a $10 cash prize that you can use toward the fee in any off our tournaments. When you go to the tournament registration page to buy-in to a tournament you will be prompted as to what type of currency you want to use for the buy-in. Just click the box for Tournament Entry Chips and we will automatically debit your account.

Entry Fee Possible Buy-Ins Using Tournament Entry Chips
$100 $9 TEC+$9
$200 $15 2 TEC's+$15, 1 TEC+$100+$15
$300 $20 3 TEC's+$20, 2 TEC's+$100+$20, 1 TEC+$200+$20
$500 $40 5 TEC's+$40, 4 TEC's+$100+$40, 3 TEC's+$200+$40, 2 TEC's +$300+$40, 1 TEC+$400+$40

  What Happens if I Don't Have Enough Cash in My   Account to Cover the Fee?

When you win a Tournament Entry Chip we always award you $10 in cash as well. This way you never have the problem of not having enough cash to cover the entry fee in a tournament. We make sure you always win enough to cover the whole buy-in!

  Can I Use a Tournament Entry Chip for Rebuys?

Yes! You can use your Tournament Entry Chips for any rebuy event where the rebuys are $100 or more.

  Where Can I See How Many Tournament Entry   Chips I Have?

Just go to your "My Account" page and look for the section that says Tournament Entry Chips. You will see the number you currently have in your account listed there.

  Can I Transfer My Tournament Entry Chip to   Another Player?

Yes! To complete a transfer of TECs, please log into the 'My Account' area of the game. Click on the 'transfer' button. You will need to know the real name of the player transferring TO in order for the transfer to be completed. Both parties will receive a confirmation email once the transfer has been completed.

Please note that while selling your TECs will be allowed, it is advisable to have both parties contact us to complete the transfers unless the other player is well known to you.

  Can I Get a Refund of $100 for my Tournament   Entry Chip?


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